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T. Lüscher, L. Räber, E. Regar on IBIS-4 - September 2014 Barcelona

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ESC Congress 2014 - Hotline papers

The Fast Track review process - unique to the EHJ - was created to permit prompt dissemination of important scientific findings in cardiology.

For many years, this expedited peer review process has been offered to presenters of ESC Hotline and Clinical Trial Update papers for the timely presentation of their findings.

At this year's ESC in Barcelona, 11 selected papers - accompanied by editorials and audio summaries - were published online, coinciding with their presentation.

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ESC Journals app

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Cardio Image Bank

This gallery contains selected images from the EHJ, which have been chosen for their quality and originality. The gallery has been split into subject areas which can be navigated using the links below. Each image entry consists of a thumbnail, title, reference, and legend. 

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Continuing Medical Education

Fulfil your professional development with the EHJ and Oxford E-Learning.

As well as taking new tests, you can browse your results from previous tests and generate certificates within your Oxford e-Learning account.

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