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EHJ at AHA, LA 2012

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E. Magnuson with F. Crea
FREEDOM November 2012

J. Hare, R. Bolli with B.Gersh
Poseidon November 2012

P. Gurbel, L. Wallentin with B.Gersh
Trilogy ACS November 2012

B. Bart, M. Packer with T. Lüscher
CARRESS-HF November 2012

D.Sürder, R. Corti with T. Lüscher
Swiss AMI Trial November 2012

H. Sesso, S. Smith with T. Lüscher
Physicians' Health Study II November 2012

T. Porter, G. Pohost with U. Landmesser
POISE November 2012

E. Eisenstein, T. Aversano with T. Lüscher
C-PORT-E November 2012

V. Fuster, A. Jacobs with T. Lüscher
FREEDOM Trial November 2012

E. Lopez-de-Sa with U. Landmesser
Hypothermia November 2012

T. Brightones with T. Lüscher
ASPIRE November 2012

E. Stein, with G. Hindricks
GAUSS November 2012

A. Macchia, C. Albert with T. Lüscher
FORWARD November 2012

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