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Guidelines on management (diagnosis and treatment) of syncope

M Brignole MD FESC, P Alboni MD, D Benditt MD, L Bergfeldt MD FESC, J.J Blanc MD FESC, P.E Bloch Thomsen MD, J.G van Dijk MD, A Fitzpatrick MD, S Hohnloser MD FESC, J Janousek MD, W Kapoor MD, R.A Kenny MD, P Kulakowski MD FESC, A Moya MD FESC, A Raviele MD FESC, R Sutton DscMed FESC, G Theodorakis MD FESC, W Wieling MD
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1053/euhj.2001.2739 1256-1306 First published online: 1 August 2001


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  • This document has been reviewed by members of the Committee for Practice Guidelines (formerly Committee for Scientific and Clinical Initiatives) and by the members of the Board of the European Society of Cardiology (see Appendix 1), who approved the document on 8 March 2001. The full text of this document is available on the website of the European Society of Cardiology in the section ‘Scientific Information’, Guidelines.

  • f1 Correspondence: Michele Brignole, MD, FESC, Department of Cardiology and Arrhythmologic Centre, Ospedali Riuniti, 16033 Lavagna, Italy.


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