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EHJ at ESC, Amsterdam 2013 Page 3

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F. Crea, M.Möckel and B. Lindahl on The BIC-8 Study September 2013



F. Crea, P. Neuzil on NANOSTIM Leadless Pacemaker September 2013



G. Mancia, A. Mente on The PURE-SODIUM Study September 2013



U. Landmesser, S. Rubertsson and P. Goldstein on The LINC Study September 2013



K. Sliwa with B. Gersh - Meet the Legends September 2013



F. Ruschitzka, B. Mitchell and K. Swedberg on The RAFT Analysis September 2013



G. Hindricks, X. Jouven and S. Sharma on Tour de France September 2013



G. Hindricks, M. Banach and K. Narkiewicz on The REGARDS Study September 2013



K. Sliwa and M. Metra on The RELAX-AHF Trail September 2013



K. Swedberg, J. Collet on The ARCTIC-GENE Study September 2013


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