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Domenico Corrado in conversation with Chris Schmied
The Marathon-run – a supraphysiological strain. (Feb 2011)

Maarten Simoons in conversation with Thomas Luscher
Towards Personalized Medicine (Feb 2011)

Salim Yusuf in conversation with Thomas Luscher
Risk factors and determinants for CAD/stroke (Feb 2011)

Christopher Cannon in conversation with Ulf Landmesser
DEFINE: Determining the EFficacy and Tolerability of CETP INhibition With AnacEtrapid. (Nov 2010)

Shinya Goto in conversation with Ulf Landmesser
Double-blind placebo controlled phase II studies of E5555 in Japanese patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome (ACS) and Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). (Aug 2010)

The published article and an accompanying commentary are available in the European Heart Journal.

Daan Kromhout in conversation with John Deanfield
ALPHA OMEGA: Effect of low doses of n-3 fatty acids on cardiovascular diseases in post-MI patients. (Aug 2010)

Stuart Connolly in conversation with Thomas Lüscher
AVERROES: Apixaban Versus Acetylsalicyclic Acid (ASA) to Prevent Strokes. (Aug 2010)

John McMurray In conversation with Frank Ruschitzka
TREAT: Trial to Reduce Cardiovascular Events with Aranesp (darbepoetin) Therapy. (Aug 2010)

Ron Peters in conversation with Ulf Landmesser
RESPONSE: Effect of a nurse coordinated prevention program on cardiovascular risk after an acute coronary syndrome: Main results of the RESPONSE trial. (Aug 2010)

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